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Guided relaxation

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Apps of interest

  • Headspace

    Free trial consists of 10 recordings of guided meditation.

  • Calm

    Free app with guided meditation and breathing exercises; has an interesting sleep stories section.

  • Breathe2Relax

    Free app with guided meditation and breathing exercises.

  • iHeadache

    Having already existed in online form, the iHeadache mobile app debuted on the App Store in early 2016. Designed by a neurologist, the app also creates reports designed specifically to help a doctor identify headache triggers and effective treatment methods.

  • Sleep Cycle

    Features a patented technology that can track and evaluate your sleep patterns using sound or vibration analysis. The app then uses the data to generate graphs and reports to help you visualize your sleep cycles. It can also wake you at the optimal time so you feel less groggy during the day.

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